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[ DOWNLOAD ] ⚖ A Smell of Fish ☾ The Poems InA Smell Of Fish Connect And Radiate Like The Spokes Of A Wheel Haiku, Sestinas, Poems Beginning With A Line By Somebody Else Or Sparked Off By Foreign Travel, A Version Of Dante, A Sea Sequence Set On The Suffolk Coast, And Long Overdue Matthew Sweeney S Own Version Of The Old Irish Poem Where His Namesake Is Turned Into A BirdIn This, His Seventh Collection, We Are Back In A World Where All Explanations Are Withheld If Beckett And Kafka Come To Mind , As Sean O Brien Wrote In His Essay On Sweeney InThe Deregulated Muse, They Are Not Simply Influences But Kindred Imaginations So We Encounter A Valley Mysteriously Filling With The Smell Of Fish, Second World War Planes Reappearing Over London, A Secret Attic Mural Of A Naked Ex Lover, A Cosmonaut Abandoned On The Moon, And A Subterranean Tunnel That Runs The Length Of IrelandWhatever The Subject, We Are In The Confident Hands Of One Of The Most Imaginatively Gifted Poets Now Writing