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DNF 35%DNF isn t quite right like with most of the other books from the author I tried in the last years I wanted to finish, but I couldn t.Reading this felt for me like lying lazily on a comfy deck chair on a gently rocking boat impossible to stay awake.I don t have any niggles I could come up with, this simply is a case of author and reader don t match.I m saying goodbye to S.J Frost now, but I m doing it with a hug. 2.5I really enjoyed the shorter, free version of this story It was fun with lots of smexy, snarky times It was full of SMARK It was good So, I guess I don t know what was gained by expanding it The first half went like this Fight.Ash looks like a jerk.Ash apologizes.Argue.Jackson looks like the dickwad.Jaskson apologizes.Bicker.They both look douchey at this point.They both apologize.Fight apologize fight apologize bleh.Now don t get me wrong, there were things I did like, hence, rounding up to three stars but it felt exhausting in the beginning.Then The Sex happened and they started this thing they called a relationship Yay No stupid arguing No Ash is still dumb Once they did get past their silly bickering, Ash and Jackson were a great, supportive couple But their dialogue felt, I don t know, fake Stilted Too fluffy The kind that induces eye rolling shrugs It was mildly better than OK.But There s always butts sends out buns signal to BMBR We ll be chatting about it soon ish, which is bound to be interesting and fun. [E-pub] ⚔ A Little Bit Country ♠ Rock Singer, Ash Ivers, And Country Music Star, Jackson Abrams, Have Intense Passion That Brings Them Together, But Will They Be Able To Overcome All Their Differences When Jackson S Career Is Threatened Ash Ivers Says And Does What He Wants, And With Being The Lead Singer Of The World Famous Rock Band, From Ashes, He Gets Away With Both Three Years Ago, His Mouth Got The Better Of Him, And He Started A Media Feud With County Music Star, Jackson Abrams When They Re Both Booked To Play A Charity Concert, He Sees His Chance To Finally Confront Jackson In Person Though, He S Uncertain If His Anger Will Hold Against His Attraction To The Singing CowboyJackson Abrams Is The Darling Of Country Music He S Polite, Charming, Handsome And He Has A Secret That He Fears Could Jeopardize His Career When It Comes To The Cocky Rock Star, Ash Ivers, He S Infuriated And Intrigued By Him He Wants Their Feuding To Stop, But He Also Doesn T Want To Lose The Attention It Gives Him From AshAs Ash And Jackson Meet, The Heat Of Anger Turns To Passion But When Jackson S World Starts Crumbling Around Him, Will Their Differences Make Them Stronger, Or Drive Them Apart Author S Note This Is The Expanded, Full Length Novel The Original Novella, A Little Bit Country , Was Approximately K This Book Is Approximately K It Takes The Original Novella, And Where It Ended, This One Continues On To Complete The Story I really enjoyed this tale of two musicians, a rock star and a country western singer I usually stay away from this genre, but the reviews talked me into reading this one and I m so glad I did The MCs were delightful and the sex was hot as hell There were deep emotions, which I LOVE and pushed this book up a star since the music business doesn t really interest me.Absolutely recommended for all M M romance lovers who love some good sex, heavy on the emotion dreamy sigh I literally have like TWO fluffy books on my fluff shelf and this is one of them P I love this chick s writing and her characters and I enjoy the sex scenes so damn much Ashton was my favorite amongst the two and Jackson made a very sometimes annoying cowboy who is incredibly hot Watching Ash and Jackson go back and forth was very, um, interesting. UPDATE 5 6 14 Come check out our Happy Hour Chat on the blog Just a warning though Shenanigans abound UPDATE 4 25 14 Buddy re read with my fellow unicorns D1st Read 10 5 13 Awwww What a sweet story Other than the fact that Ash is basically the same person as Jesse from her Conquest series, this was a great read It was sweet but not saccharine, humorous but not over the top silly Very enjoyable. I never read the short story by the same name, so when I started this, I had no clue who the characters were I know a lot of people had been waiting for this, and so was I But I wasn t one who had some knowledge about these characters and the basic plot I m glad that I hadn t read the short story because I went into this reading a new, fresh, book And I loved it A Little Bit Country, A Novel might be deemed as too sweet for some readers, but as most people know, I love sweet books It has elements of enemies to lovers even though the two MC s hadn t met before But I liked that about this book, it was nice that the MC s knew of each other before the book began Jackson and Ash were a really cute couple They bickered and the made up and it was super lovely I loved both of them as individual characters and as a pair They had great chemistry Even when they were fight in the beginning I loved their chemistry During their arguments, I could see the sexual tension leaping off the page Of course, with Jackson being in the closet it added a teeny bit of drama to the story, but the story was generally an easy read.Some of the secondary characters were great Ash s bandmates and Jackson s family as well as Elizabeth, Jackson s best friend With the good there is always the bad, but Clint was like a fly, he was swatted away and we didn t have to deal with him afterwards A lot of people would have preferred angst This book had them as a couple pretty quickly But I, for one, am glad that it wasn t a major issue There was no cheating or big break up s for unnecessary drama It had it s drama, but it stayed as an easy read that was enjoyable, memorable, and damn adorable I couldn t have asked for a better book to put a smile on my face.I can honestly say, I would recommend this book to fans of the author, musicians, or people who want a nice read in general It s a great book. AwwI liked this story And I wasn t sure I would, because that beginning I didn t like it at all Ash was an ass He d be decent, even sweet, for a bit, then he d be an ass again I hated the constant back and forth And Jackson wasn t much better with his snide comments The constant digs, comments really irritated me Enemies to lovers is not my thing, because I hate the whole enemies thing.Also, at times the dialogue was offodd, awkward, something Other times it was very well done That goes for the writing in general, too Sometimes it was stilted, with too many simple sentencessubject, verb, object, over and over, and other times, the words flowed beautifully So, an uneven read for me in the beginning.Once I got past that, though, I enjoyed the story quite a bit The writing flowed better, and the characters stopped acting like immature brats It was sweet, and I smiled a lot at the banter between Ash and Jackson, and the members of the band Did things wrap up a bit too neatly in a fairy tale fashion Yes, but I didn t care.Side notes I loved the piercings.When Jackson got a little assertive That was hot We ll be discussing this book at our next Happy Hour Chat for BMBR More crazy times, I m guessing, because you never know what the unicorns are going to say I m pretty sure we ll be discussing those piercings, though I ve been chipping away at this book for over a month If you like overly sweet reads, this book is for you As for me, I m wishing I had spent the 8 on two boxes of girl scout cookies nstead. May Book of the Month How to Make A Little Bit Country Pie1 2 metric ton of sugar 1 very forgiving guy who is the Country to His Rock Roll He also wears a cowboy heat pretty much EVERY WHERE that I m surprised he did not wear it while having sex 1 rocker big mouth diva who wanted to be the pretty princess in all the land and never got to wear the crown And tantrum it out for the first half of the half of the book and then stole the attention for the second half He fucks decent though I give him that.Also, I pictured Ash to be a mantrum having attention seeking version of view spoiler hide spoiler