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EPUB Ù A Home at Trails End (Homeward on the Oregon Trail, #3) Ä Bestselling Author Melody Carlson ThanMillion Books Sold Continues Her Homeward On The Oregon Trail Series With This Third And Final AdventureElizabeth Martin And Her Two Children Have Finally Reached The Oregon Country But Eli Kincade, The Wagon Train Scout Who Captured Her Heart, Has Chosen To Continue Life On The Trail As Other Pioneer Families Begin Building New Homes, Elizabeth Has Never Felt AloneHowever, When Eli Unexpectedly Returns, Confesses His Love, And Proposes, Elizabeth Accepts With Her Family S BlessingA Community Begins To Take Shape, But Not Without Growing Pains As An Alternative To The Local Minister S Fiery Sermons, Elizabeth S Father Begins To Preach At Home, Raising The Ire Of Some Racial Biases Arise Against Brady, Elizabeth S African American Hired Hand Eli S Warm Sentiments Toward Indians Also Raises ConcernsCan Elizabeth And Her Family Overcome These Differences And Begin A Legacy Of Reconciliation And Love About This Series The Homeward On The Oregon Trail Series Brings To Life The Challenges A Young Widow Faces As She Journeys West, Settles Her Family In The Pacific Northwest, And Helps Create A New Community Among Strong Willed And Diverse Pioneers Transports you to another timeThis series of three books is extremely well written It is easy to get lost in this time of the pioneers and feel as though you are witnessing their lives Melody Carlson has painted an amazing picture with her words. A New Home I have never read a book written by Melody Carlson that I didn t love I so enjoyed all three books of this series The gifted author has the ability to draw readers into her stories and I felt so much as though I was right there with the characters as they forged out a new life in Oregon I gladly gave five Stars for this entertaining story.I shall really miss the characters that I have grown to love while reading all three of the books The first two books covered the traveling from Kentucky to the Oregon trail and on to where the group planned to settle Then in book three the settlers built their homes and businesses Covering the first two and a half years of their new life All readers who enjoy Historical fiction and historical romance will love this series It s Christian fiction at its best The author has done her researching well about traveling by covered wagons in the mid eighteen hundreds Also about frontier settlements and how people lived in that time period.I bought a Kindle ebook copy of this book fromA positive review was not requested All opinions shared here are my own. This book is a hopeful tale of a modern minded heroine living long before her time I really enjoyed the end of Elizabeth s story In some ways I did feel a bit late to the party since I haven t read the first two books, but Melody Carlson does a pretty good job of catching the reader up without taking us aside and providing a summary Instead she weaves it back into the story into a way that feels really natural I appreciated that and I appreciated a nice story I could immerse myself in.I love to read pioneer stories because they do a great deal to remind me of how cushy and convenient my life is in comparison to our American ancestors To read about Elizabeth and her friends being excited over real windows and ovens makes you think of how many windows your own house is, and how many luxuries you enjoy that is above and beyond what is strictly necessary.I really liked getting to know these characters, and I even really appreciated some of the conflicts that the characters faced like Miranda and Elizabeth quarreling over wedding dates One of the reasons I so enjoy reading Christian fiction is because I feel like we often get subtle life lessons that can be both relative and instructive How does one stay in peace when someone challenges them How does one stand their ground without being insulting or combative I like seeing those examples played out because it encourages me to do better with my own trials of life I don t think there can ever be too much positive reinforcement when it comes to Christian behavior, so while in regular fiction I typically groan and dread when characters quarrel because it usually ends in overreaction and extended periods of anger, like this book, it shows how friends can have their differences and end in kindness without hyperbole.I appreciated Elizabeth s unbelievable kindness to both African American and Native American friends in this time period While other authors typically shy away or even villainize Indians I applaud Carlson for incorporating them and doing a good job to construct opposition and tolerance by her characters I know there s muchstory to be had here with the people of Riverside and wouldn t be at all surprised to see this story continued in some fashion.This was a really good read and it definitely makes me want to pick up the first two books in the series Thanks as always, for letting me read, I loved it Melody Carlson in her new book, A Home At Trail s End Book Three in the Homeward on the Oregon Trail series published by Harvest House Publishers concludes the journey of Elizabeth Martin.From the back cover The end of a journey the beginning of a new lifeAfter overcoming the challenges of the Oregon Trail, Eli Kincaid, the handsome scout for the wagon train, has realized that his love for Elizabeth Martin is stronger that his affinity for life on the trail While Elizabeth and her children stay with Malinda, also a widow with children, Eli builds a cabin and Elizabeth plans their wedding.But how will the area s residents feel when they find out that Elizabeth is also secretly sheltering a lone Indian woman and her young child on her property Or that her hired hand a freed slave is building his own cabin, despite laws against blacks becoming permanent residents And when Malinda s fiance decides frontier life is not right for him, Elizabeth must help pick up the pieces of her dear friend s heart.Can Elizabeth and Eli carve out a new life and share God s love in spite of the turmoil The heartwarming conclusion to the Homeward on the Oregon Trail series depicts the transforming power of love and faith on the rugged Oregon coast.This is it, we have made it to the end of the journey and now begins the process of settling down in a new community Eli finally comes to his senses and proposes, then sets out to build their new home Elizabeth has never been on this journey for herself and now that she is settling down she continues her tradition She shelters an Indian woman and her child on her property and helps her freed slave build his own cabin even though that is against the law The people don t like the preacher and want Elizabeth s father to hold church for them and Malinda has problems of her own It wouldn t be a Melody Carlson book without the romance though and Elizabeth has her hands full planning for her wedding A home At Trail s End is great fun to read Ms Carlson has a great way of telling the story and moving it along at a nice pace Her characters are wonderful and she gives them life and unique voices All this and in a Western Whatcan anyone desire A really enjoyable read.You can find A Home At Trail s End at a discount at you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www.kingdomhighlights.org where they are available On Demand.To listen to 24 hours non stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www.kingdomairwaves.orgDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Harvest House Publishers I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.