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!FREE PDF ♕ A Diamond in My Heart (The Unaltered, #2) ♀ Book Two In The Unaltered SeriesAt Age Sixteen, Calli Courtnae Learned That Superhuman Abilities And Powers Existed In Her Ordinary World Yet Had Remained Hidden For Thousands Of Years She Became One Of Them Through The Course Of Events Controlled By Maetha The Immortal And Is Now Faced With Trying To Live In Her Ordinary World While Secretly Possessing Extraordinary Powers Her Task Is Complicated By The Emergence Of An Unknown Power In One Of Calli S Classmates Which Requires Her To Befriend The Boy In An Effort To Help Him Use His Powers For Good And Not Just For His Own Self GratificationCalli Is Able To Read Minds, View The Future, Heal, And Locate Other Diamond Bearers She Didn T Know Existed And In Doing So She Ll Learn Of Traitors Who Ve Sided With The US Government And Who Threaten Her New World And The Lives Of Those She Loves She Ll Question Her Own Loyalties And Friendships, And Ultimately Be Faced With The Inevitable The Reuniting Of The Diamond Shards Getting BetterBook two has Calli age 3 years That was my problem, I had no idea it was a teen young adult book when I bought the first book I was very pleased she aged so much in book 2 Hope it continues as I try for book 3. I am not as impressed as I was with her first book This story ages Calli a little and brings her and Chris back together This Diamond thing is a little weird and then she introduces repeaters Angell could have taken this story anywhere but I likereality and less paranormal She leaves us to buy another book to find out , not my favorite author tactic 4.2 Keeps getting betterCallie is just an amazing character I enjoy the lack of normal girl drama she exhibits Great depths in all the characters Watching the events unfold so organically but knowing that they are contrived from a writer s mind just boggles me I ve gotten pretty fond of Brand as well. Diamond series book 2This is the second in the series and as good as the first Lots of action and twists.Looking forward to the rest of the series. Great series My ThoughtsI really enjoyed this one book one was good but this one was awesome Calli really grew up in this one her character was astounding in this one she went from a backwords yet smart ass girl to a true heroine in this installment Calli learned to control her abilities and emotions so muchin this book Lorena you have left me wanting to readin the Unaltered Series Lorena has created a world that is truly believable Her writing is smooth and flowing in this book Calli soon discovers that there are other abilities out there that the other clans were not aware of When she met Brand she realized that there was something different about him That is when she and others become aware of this new ability Brand is a Repeater he can change things as long as it is within in a two minute time frame That ability aids him a lot for he has a thing for girls which lands him in numerous fights so being able to repeat he walks away unscathed but it does take a toll on him Brand s ability also aids Calli and the other clans against Justin a rogue runner from The Runners Clan who is power hunger He wants to possess the diamond he is unaware of the true power and that it will lead to his death. Book two in The Unaltered series At age sixteen, Calli Courtnae learned that superhuman abilities and powers existed in her ordinary world yet had remained hidden for thousands of years She became one of them through the course of events controlled by Maetha the Immortal and is now faced with trying to live in her ordinary world while secretly possessing extraordinary powers Her task is complicated by the emergence of an unknown power in one of Callis classmates which requires her to befriend the boy in an effort to help him use his powers for good and not just for his own self gratification Calli is able to read minds, view the future, heal, and locate other Diamond Bearers she didn t know existed and in doing so she ll learn of traitors who ve sided with the US Government and who threate n her new world and the lives of those she loves She ll question her own loyalties and friendships, and ultimately be faced with the inevitable the reuniting of the diamond shards. Calli finally feels like a normal girl attending the university This doesn t last for long when she meet Brand and Freedom Maetha sends her on another mission to rescue the amulet holders from 3 clans Lots of running, dodging and fighting.I liked most of this story except for Maetha s cryptic and mysterious instructions She never tells the entire story. This is the second book in this series I think I liked it even better than the first book I love the powers and the back story of where they came from and how things in this world work I love the characters the way the story moves I even love the romance, but I do have one complaint The author isn t very good at writing kissing scenes She describes the love in their eyes and their loving thoughts about each other, but then the kiss happens and there is no feeling Saying and then they kissed is such a cop out She does very well with the rest I guess she just needs to spend some time thinking about the emotions and feelings of kissing It doesn t have to be sexy you just need to feel the love and not just read about it Anyway that is my feelings about the subject Otherwise I love the series and am hoping she gets it before the series is over.