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Wisdom is the power to admit that you cannot understand and judge the people in their entiretyAnthony Powell, A Dance to the Music of Time 1st Movement The First Movement SPRING contains the following three novels 1 A Question of Upbringing A Dance to the Music of Time, 1 read January 28, 20162 A Buyer s Market A Dance to the Music of Time 2 read February 1, 20163 The Acceptance World A Dance to the Music of Time, 3 read February 9 , 2016I read these three novels starting in January 2016 and ending February 9., 2016 I roughly wanted to read one a month which makes rational sense I guess , but consistency is not entirely my bag I ve hyperlinked to my original reviews of each book Book 1 s review is a bit light and doesn t follow the pattern I picked up in book 2, and subsequently followed in each of the other 11 books I probably need to go back and fix that. Po ovom serijalu knjiga, snimljena je i sjajna britanska serija Davno se prikazivala i kod nas Free Book ♨ A Dance to the Music of Time: First Movement ⚖ Anthony Powell S Universally Acclaimed Epic Encompasses A Four Volume Panorama Of Twentieth Century London Hailed By Time As Brilliant Literary Comedy As Well As A Brilliant Sketch Of The Times, A Dance To The Music Of Time Opens Just After World War I Amid The Fever Of The S And The First Chill Of The S, Nick Jenkins And His Friends Confront Sex, Society, Business, And Art In The Second Volume They Move To London In A Whirl Of Marriage And Adulteries, Fashions And Frivolities, Personal Triumphs And Failures These Books Provide An Unsurpassed Picture, At Once Gay And Melancholy, Of Social And Artistic Life In Britain Between The Wars Arthur Schlesinger, Jr The Third Volume Follows Nick Into Army Life And Evokes London During The Blitz In The Climactic Final Volume, England Has Won The War And Must Now Count The Losses Four Very Different Young Men On The Threshold Of Manhood Dominate This Opening Volume Of A Dance To The Music Of Time The Narrator, Jenkins A Budding Writer Shares A Room With Templer, Already A Passionate Womanizer, And Stringham, Aristocratic And Reckless Widermerpool, As Hopelessly Awkward As He Is Intensely Ambitious, Lurks On The Periphery Of Their World Amid The Fever Of The S And The First Chill Of The S, These Four Gain Their Initiations Into Sex, Society, Business, And Art Considered A Masterpiece Of Modern Fiction, Powell S Epic Creates A Rich Panorama Of Life In England Between The Wars Includes These Novels A Question Of Upbringing A Buyer S MarketThe Acceptance World Spring is a season when nature awakes and everything comes into blossom Youth is a spring of human life consciousness awakes and everyone is full of high expectations And it is also a time of opening one s eyes and shedding some delusions.But, in a sense, nothing in life is planned or everything is because in the dance every step is ultimately the corollary of the step before the consequence of being the kind of person one chances to be.Anthony Powell literally makes long forgotten conflicts and compromises between the imagination and the will, reason and feeling, power and sensuality, pleasure and pain come alive.The summer is ahead and the summertime is a season of ripening fruits 5 Strobing Foxtrot Stars on a Huge Dancefloor Go to this Roman FleuveI took much delight in this fascinating and woefully underappreciated roman fleuve a long sequence of novels together making up a single work particularly when reflecting upon it as a dance to the music of time in which partners disappear only to reappear once again, once giving pattern to the spectacle A Dance to the Music of Time, composed of four movements of three novels each, takes place between 1921 through 1975 in England as the narrator Nicholas Jenkins progresses from his schooldays at Eton all the way through the free love late 1960s into the early 1970s Notably, Powell attended Eton at a time when several other talented writers were there, including Eric Blair a k a George Orwell , Cyril Connolly and Henry York Henry Green Jenkins is as much an observer as he is a participant, and rarely the center of attention Instead, he gives focus to the lives, growth and aging of his closest three classmates and paints on a huge canvas his and their dance with thirty two other characters who join and leave and rejoin The sequence captures in a way I ve not seen in any other work how time alters the players by introducing them, then bringing them back at a later time, and then takes them away again, ultimately all of them some with violence and in war and some quietly and the reader this one at least is knelled by the impermanence of life and its permanence it goes on The primary trio includes the boorish and ambitious Kenneth Widmerpool one of the most memorable, despicable characters drawn in any literature I ve read , the blue blooded and self destructive Charles Stringham and the self assured and worldly wise Peter Templer He brilliantly composes each of the thirty two supporting characters with such prismatic particulars that I can recall most of them now, a year out from reading the cycle The primary beauty of the four movements is watching these characters waltz in with an ease that can only be imagined by a writer on his game pouring his soul into the works.The novels are each relatively short, a bit over 200 pages, a few less, and were published between 1951 and 1975 I am so glad I threw away my fear to plunge into the Dance.This work is hard to figure the best way to review It is 12 novels, 4 movements, and I fear giving too many details will scare some potential readers away I will supplement my review to address the separate works likely by the 4 movements individually. I ve been somewhere tonight that Ant has never been and frankly, I m thinking maybe he s right Maybe it s better to discuss how posh people lay the cutlery for dinner parties than life at the bottom And I have only myself to blame Much, much later the rest of this entry has been cut on the grounds that it is crap, even by the standards set here And, as usual, I hope it is understood that a review of A Dance to the Music of Time can be about absolutely anything Really, this is no than an apology Throats cut, Lebanese men with big knives, Penelope what s her name I realise this review is in danger of becoming interesting Might I calm things down with the information that it is 44C here where I live just now Too hot to cut throats, wave knives about, or care what nationality your neighbour is Too hot to sleep Too hot to do anything but be exceedingly dull on goodreads You are welcome to vote for me if you sincerely think I ve been boring enough Oh dear, I can t resist.So, one of the things that happens in A Dance to the Music of Time is that the narrator mentions a lot of completely obscure books, whether or not they were so at the time of reading, I don t know Like, what is the point of my telling you here that I m readingAn Iron Rose Then moving on to explain that I am doing so in my LBD at The European while eating Turkish eggs and drinking tea I confess I think I was especially irked because I tried to catch him out with his dates, so I d look up all these books to see if any of them had come out at a time that contradicted the story line, and they don t Yes, we seem to have established that I m that petty minded.Later on in the day I went to see Broken Embraces, so I know now what Penelope what s her name looks like I guess you need to be a boy to get the full rise from that The movie could have done with a good looking man, but considering it was SpanishSo, my LBD, had a full day of it, posh restaurants, a film, and then tea at the Windsor while we discussed how great Australia is and what the fuck do those Indians know anyway No offense, any Indians reading this but India is a country where the value of human life is virtually nil People are killed every day for pure fancy They are killed because they are women, because they are poor, because they are from the wrong part of town and yet apparently Australia is this incredibly racist place because an Indian was murdered here the other day without being robbed Like Australians aren t killed for kicks I think they are I used to collect statistics on women killed in India by their husbands and mother in laws It is generally done by dousing the wife in petrol and then setting them alight Some of these poor women don t actually die Shaking my head Get your own house in order, please, India.Meanwhile, I gather that England has been so cursed by the need to be politically correct that my sister in law tells me this story They are sitting in a London restaurant with their daughter and son in law The people at the next table see Sarah say I ll fucking kill you, you fucking Jew If you don t stay away I ll fucking kill you Sarah is brandishing a knife while saying this Now, the reason is that she is telling the never ending saga of the Lebananese restaurant owner next to their apartments He most certainly isn t particularly anti Jewish, he has threatened them all with knives and other tasty Lebanese treats, some involving stuffing the Lebanese do like to stuff things Martha and John completely freaked out Evidently this was enough to get them arrested, Sarah telling this story Racist tensions much be an awful thing to live with in the UK, but fortunately in Australia everybody still gets on in a natural way without having to legislate racial harmony.All of which brings me back toAn Iron Rose Might this segment of my review ofA Dance to the Music of Time conclude with an archetypical description of some Aussies playing footy in the bush This is Australia.pp 61 63Ten minutes into the last quarter, it began to rain, freezing rain, driven into our facts by a wind that had passed over pack ice in its time We only needed a kick to win but nobody could hold the ball, let along get a book to it We were sliding around, falling over, trying to recognise our own side under the mudpacks Mick Doolan was shouting instructions from the sideline but no one paid any attention We were completely knackered Finally, close to time, we had some luck a big bloke came out of the mist and broke Scotty Erwan s nose with a vicious swing of the elbow Even in the rain you could hear the cartilage crunch Scotty was helped off, streaming blood, and we got a penalty Take the kick, Mac, said Bill Garrett, the captain He would normally take the kick in situations like this, but since the chance of putting it through was nil, he thought it best that I lose the game for Brockley Privilege, I sad, spitting out some mud Count on my vote for skipper next year Skipper I was right in front of goal but the wind was lifting my upper lip I looked around the field There were about twenty spectators left, some of them dogs sitting in old utes Slab says you can t do it, said the player closest to me He was just another anonymous mudman but I knew the voice Very supportive, Flannery, I said You re on, you little prick Squinting against the rain, I took my run up inot the gale, scared that I was going to slip before I could even make the kick.But I didn t I manged to give the ball a reasonable punt before my left leg went out under me I hit the ground with my left shoulder and slid towards goal.And as I lay in the cold black mud, the wind paused for a second or two and the ball went straight between the uprights.The final whistle went Victory Victory in round eight of the second division of the Brockley and District League I got up My shoulder felt dislocated That ll be a slab of Boag, Flannery, I said You fucking traitor Brought out yer best, Flannery said Psychology Read about it I said, Read about it Psychology in Pictures I didn t know they d done that Paul, I ve been called to dinner I trust you will proofread this In deference to Paulchokengtitiktitikchokeng196 This was an unnpleasnt surprise for everyone The girls could not have made noise if they had been having their throats cut Now, this really did make me think In my opinion the girls certainly could not have made noise if they had been having their throats cut But this is not what Ant means Ant means that he considers one would make a lot of noise while having one s throat cut More noise, perhaps even, than Manny would make if anybody actually gave him a vote for his review of Go book number two I have to say, I ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this I considered googling it, but I m fairly sure that I d get taken somewhere I really don t want to be I m not talking about Manny squealing with delight, I m talking about the girls with the cut throats, of course.My own sense of what would happen is that the loudest noise during this process would be that of blood hitting a hard surface Or maybe the sound of shit as the blood meets the clothes of the throat cutter The cuttee, nup, surely silent.Then, just this morning, as I m eating sourdough baguette toast and tea at my local French coffee shop I come across the following scene in An Iron Rose p 138He d been killed where he lay, his head pulled back by the ponytail and his throat cut More than cut He was almost decpaitated..Carlie mance was in the bathroom, naked.the man had been behind her when he cut her throat.Now this is merely inferential, but The place has been staked out by the Feds, it is tapped for sound There is no doubt that if these people had made so much as a squeak while having their throats cut, the Feds would have been right onto it.I rest my case 3.30pm I cruise into the kitchen, not unnnoticed What are you doing Looking for lunch But you had lunch half an hour ago I hate people who count your food Hate, hate, hate And I feel sure I said somewhere on goodreads just a day or so ago that I haven t hated anybody ever, but let s just exclude people who count your food out of that rash statement You can t have another lunch now just because that book is making you miserable.And it is true Absolutely true I didn t even want the first lunch I had I certainly don t want this one But.I feel like I ve given this book chances that Jesus gave all humanity I wouldn t care to speak for him, but for me, I ll say too many Way, way, way too many.I keep thinking that I will nail my case here by quoting a really really really boring passage But what to choose Honestly dip in anywhere and prepare to be bored to death by pompous formal writing of a kind I m gobsmacked got into print p.250At school I had known Tom Goring, who had later gone into the Sixtieth, and, although we had never had much to do with each other, I remembered some story of Stringham s of how both of them had put up money to buy a crib for Horace or another Latin author whose works they were required to render into English fucking hell, why oh why this tedious qualification Are we going to find the narrator out Ah ha YOU said it was Horace and actually and of trouble that ensued from the translation supplied having contained passages omitted in the official educational textbook This fact of her elder brother having been my contemporary the younger son, David, was still at school may perhaps have had something to do with finding myself, immediately after our first meeting, on good terms with Barbara though the matter of getting on well with young men in no circumstances presented serious difficulty to her.Sorry if that had you on the edge of your seat.I formally throw in the towel I ve done my hundred dollars Bugger Later.If you happen to have read this book you will understand that digressions are the essence of the thing So, it is in this spirit that I mention I went to Brightstar and I make a note to myself never to shag Keats should he come across my path I take note that he s dead these days, but I can t see that this detail will make him less lively In fact, make that poets fullstop Pop poet on your profile, send me a little something about the affinity you feel for some body part or another, my mind, even, if you like and I promise I ll stay well clear.And I go to bridge and somebody asks me if I know anybody with influence in the city and a big house The whole passing acquaintance with an academic who might live near Cambridge just hasn t really done it for me So, I ve got a better approach now Well, Bob of course And Jeff And there is nothing the other person can say to that They are in terrible danger of showing inexcusable ignorance if they get pursue the details of this claim Honestly it works.And our young wanker, well, Manny thinks otherwise, so does that mean it s the author who is a wanker narrator spends two pages of such tedium describing the process of thinking about kissing somebody and then kissing entirely the wrong person, honestly, truly, you don t want to know, that I revise my opinion about Brightstar I have to admit that I would shag Keats dead or alive him, not me rather than the earnest sad little sod who fancies himself as a writer in this First Movement Maybe you have to have been a young man sometime in your life to fancy him Maybe you have to care about money and influence and big houses I just don t know.At bridge certain interesting things happen, but I shan t tell you about then since it would be against the spirit of this book to pep you up that way So, I will merely mention that my partner forgot a baby bit of system on board one, leaving us in the wrong game which I made rather than the right slam And the very next board my opponent failed to understand the simple truth that aces are not necessarily highest Hmm That last point is almost philosophically interesting I beg your pardon Later At dinner, Gowers asks me whom I know with a big house and an important position in the City Panic Are there no names I can drop, anybody of note I know Will I be invited back here again Umm, I reply after a frozen moment, I know an academic I believe lives near Cambridge Gowers sniffs But do you know any Oxford academics, Gowers replies, in those two words sweeping away the entire concept of there being academics outside that institution Of course My own niece lives in Oxford with her husband who is an academic there I lean back in relief Not to be invited back to the Gowers, well, the shame of it Gowers is pleased.Donald changes the subject Any good practical jokes lately He describes his mother in a nursing home He turned off her TV at the powerpoint and she spent an entire day thinking her TV wasn t working It was such a hoot That prompted Andrea to say she was thinking of moving the newspaper her 94 year old mother gets delivered to the edge of the stairs Wouldn t it be hysterical if the old bint fell down the stairs while attempting to retrieve the paper We all smile at the prospect.Then I woke up This is what comes of reading First Movement before bed The subject matter of the book to date, as you can see, is gross Nasty boys with nasty values doing nasty things One might hope they grow up except that the rest of the cast to date are nasty adults with nasty values doing nasty things This book has a mighty lot of characters in it so far, but not one that is likeable.One wonders if it is the author or the narrator who is a wanker Well, obviously the narrator is a wanker in a literal sense, he is a young man But intellectually, metaphysically Are we supposed to be appalled by the entire thing Would I have a different understanding of this book if I lived in a country like England where social status is so important that one can write hundreds of pages about it without being either offensive or dull And please God, could you not lighten up a bit, Ant Could we not have a knock knock An I say I say I say So it s Sunday, I m going to have tea and toast for breakfast soon at one of my favourite coffee shops I was going to wear my NYE party frock today, but it s too cold Sorry cute LBD You have to wait again Next I m going to be playing bridge all day and coming back to whereever I m staying right now Then I ll be cooking dinner or I will have dinner cooked for me.And anything, absolutely anything is a review of A Dance to the Music of Time So, it s New Year s Eve, I had three parties I promised to go to come as a celebrity, Marta said you mean other than a famous writer, I ask Marta is Hungarian, she didn t get it a gorgeous new dress, the sexiest heelsand what am I doing I m writing about A Dance to the Music of Time First Movement The bloody thing s twenty eight hundred pages long, I don t have time for parties You might say, you are so not doing that, writing about this book, but hey, I m learning on my feet while I m reading Powell Pithy he is not To the point Hardly I m reading Les Miserables as well right now and frankly, Ant I hope he wouldn t mind my being intimate, I m going to be with the guy for two thousand eight hundred pages, I don t see how to avoid getting too close to him well, Ant makes Victor Hugo look like he s on a word diet He makes Hugo look like he s on a bet, just how short can you make this book And to his credit, Hugo takes a quarter of the space Ant does Maybe he collected.Having stated that this book is about a certain Myriel, the first sentence of Les Miserables reads Although this detail has no connection whatever with the real substance of what we are about to relate, it will not be superfluous, if merely for the sake of exactness in all points, to mention here the various rumors and remarks which had been in circulation about him from the very moment when he arrived in the diocese.The first sentence of Ant s testament to the English language, if we might compare, reads The men at work at the corner of the street had made a kind of camp for themselves, where, marked out by tripods hung with red hurricane lamps, an abyss in the road led down to a network of subterranean drain pipes.What happened to sucker your reader in with your first sentence What happened to It was love at first sight Oh Joseph Heller was still on his way.I guess the fact is that you don t want to give too much away in your first sentence when you have about hmm, let s see, 2800 pages, say a dozen sentences to a page, that s 33,600 sentences to go Face facts right from the very beginning, tight writing we are not looking for.The sandals are wedges, the dress has lace and beads and red bits and a drop waist, which I adore, and it s close fitting to the waist, after which it s got the most gorgeous skirt, and well, I m SORRY, dress Sunday Maybe you get an outing Sunday And I know it s sounding again like I m not reviewing Dance to the Music of Time but honestly, everything is a review of this book Absolutely everything. I thought of Plato s Cave during the very first page I was reminded of Brideshead Revisited as Nick the narrator visits the home of a friend with a rich mother admittedly, that s based on superficialities I couldn t help but think of M Swann while reading of Nick s childhood memories of Mr Deacon the child had heard his parents discuss the man and he thus becomes a mysterious figure to the narrator.I realize I m not catching many of Powell s literary and painterly allusions.I hope to have of substance to say as I read on nine books to go , especially, as in the last of this set, I was greatly enjoying the meta fictional musings of Nick Powell on the writing of characters Nick wondering how he d write of an English person such as his friend Mark Members versus characters who aren t British such as the family Nick s observing in the Ritz , which of course Powell has written I m also very interested in how many people Nick will compare to his Uncle Giles. A A Dance to the Music of Time may well be one of the great literary works about the everyday life of the upper class in England and those attempting to break into it or rise within its social ranks The writing is excellent, of course, but I rarely found myself transported by this work of meta fiction about social climbing and high society, for example, in the same way in which Proust does Powell is often considered an English Proust as the focus of the writing has to do with life and striving among the English upper crust However, Proust strikes me as the far superior writer insofar as Proust is able to build a rhythm and cadence in the pure narrative beauty of his elegant syntax Powell seems to want us to be amused by rather silly even juvenile plot points and I found it difficult to become immersed in or even to like an epic cast of characters of sycophants and a pretentious landed gentry so rapt in petty materialism and social score keeping to extend beyond their own thin veneer of human artifice That is also part of Powell s message but it s a theme which becomes laborious and redundant and boorish in its interminable length Maybe it s because I m American and am not compelled to engage in or to understand the complex nuances of the social class system of England For me, life is too short to become further invested in reading another 2000 pages of movements I did very much appreciate Powell s uncommon use of the dance as a metaphor for life itself Powell sees life as a dance during which we move over time in a series of movements This idea intrigues me and the scenes of the novel often engage music and dance in the story line I also became sensitive to and appreciative of the transitions or specific movements as the characters navigated among each other and their society It is an important aspect of this novel to enable the reader to step back and view life this way The novel begs the question how well do you manage to navigate through the movements of your life over time in your business, family and society Life can be measured in a sense by one s existential agility in moving attuned to the music of time The ethereal concept of recognizing the partnership of music and time also proved interesting insofar as the constructs of music entail so many existential qualities in measures, stresses, beats, points counterpoints, orchestration, creativity, individual talent, volume, scale, instrumental ability, discipline, improvisation, listening, expression, nuance, subtlety and grace all of which accompany one s personal dance throughout a lifetime I became attuned to Powell s transitions among the many scenes he depicts and the vast number of characters who served as dance partners in the music of the narrative So this is definitely a great literary read and even if in my view Powell may fall short of Proust, so what They re both great literary novelists, not mutually exclusive, and one can over a long life read both if one starts at a sufficiently early age on the task Given the choice, I would recommend reading all of Proust first I m glad I read this movement in time in order to become attuned to my own danse macabre. As an unrefined youth up until last year or so when someone said Jane Austen s novels were all about manners, I d wonder how it was she could have filled whole books with talk about fork placement and ballroom protocol It finally dawned on me that they must have meant manners in a broader sense prevailing customs, ways of living that sort of thing If my new interpretation is indeed correct, I can state with confidence that this collection of twelve Anthony Powell classics is also all about manners The setting is England between the wars where stylized manners abound Plenty is happening, of course Mutation both within and between classes is de rigueur The narrator, Nick, is somewhat upper crusty in a semi Bohemian way He s not a bad sort, really just a tad slower than we are to recognize romantic turns and new social orders As a narrator he s not so much unreliable as he is resistant to the tides of change Nick has a good education as well as a novelist s eye for detail He s great at observing quirks and he describes them well We quickly get to know the three other central characters through Nick s powers of observation They all went to the same top school Powell himself was an Eton chap where the patterns were set early Nick s friend Stringham was the brash aristocrat, their friend Templer was the raffish womanizer, and their colleague off to the side, Widmerpool, was both oafish and ambitious an awkward combination A whole host of other characters played supporting roles Each one was described with care and sometimes with a bit of fun For instance, Nick said of his Uncle Giles He was also habitually unwilling to believe that altered circumstances might affect any matter upon which he had already made up his mind Someone else was said to have transmitted one of those skull like smiles of conventional friendliness to be generally associated with conviviality of a political sort In fact, much of the collection that I ve read so far the first 3 of 12 volumes comprising what they call the First Movement seem like character profiles and dialog tied together not by plot but by dinner parties, art shows, and dances The people come in all varieties twits, ditzes, toffs and cads among them.The writing is lush teeming with commas and semicolons On average, there s one clause per sentence and two words per clause Once you tune your ear to it, though, it sounds pretty good Strike that With Powell s command of the English language, pretty good doesn t pass muster It s filled with little aphorisms, too For example Being in love is a complicated matter although anyone who is prepared to pretend that love is a simple, straightforward business is always in a strong position for making conquests In the main, the humor is like a fine claret subtle, dry, and well balanced There s a reason the Modern Library listed it as the 43rd best novel in English in the 20th century and Time Magazine included it in their top 100 English language novels from 1923 to 2005 Since I m only a quarter of the way through the series, I can t comment yet on the full epic sweep It extends into the 60 s Evolution is inevitable, if not revolution There s a fabulous documentary film series that began in the early 60 s in England It started with a cross sectional profile of 7 year old kids from all different backgrounds called 7 Up Seven years later they returned to these same kids as 14 year olds to see how they d changed Was their future foretold How had they changed They ve repeated the process every 7 years since, so far up to 49 It was fascinating to see how their lives turned out their professions, their relationships, their worldviews sometimes as you d expected, other times not Anyway, Powell s series has that same potential I ll report back later once I ve read. see comment explanation belowHave now re read the first of these three novels A Question of Upbringing, A Buyer s Market, The Acceptance World , on the way hopefully to re reading the whole series The twelve volumes of Powell s Dance was really one of the reading highlights of my life.I ve written a few words to review Powell s first season of the dance, Spring, than once The earliest version had a personal note in it, something like the reconstruction of it as I now recall, which occasioned Comment 1 below About ten years ago I was in the process of reorganizing the books in my library I ran across the four seasons of Powell s Dance, didn t really know what they were, but just put them in the place they should be and continued on I think I figured they were just novels I d acquired at some point and never read, like many others.After joining Goodreads a few years later, I happened to see Manny s review of Powell s masterpiece Not too long after I read Spring What impressed me immensely about those first three novels was Powell s idea of bringing out the way in which, as we dance our way through time, we only gradually come to know and about friends and acquaintances, often in very curious circumstances a flash of insight caused by someone s casual remark This struck me as such a beautiful comment on the way people go through life.A bit later, I got curious about how I had got the books I offhandedly said something about them to my wife, and she said that they were her books, and that she d read them I was stunned Right now, relating this late at night, with her asleep upstairs, I can t ask and I can t imagine when she would have read twelve novels by Powell It seemed utterly out of character for her She was a scientist, hardly ever read books novels for pleasure, read newspapers, scientific journals, but novels Twelve by one author And, I should point out, at that time we d been married at least forty years, and I d known her since we were five years old That was the experience that occasioned comment 1 below Previous review City David MacaulayRandom review Invitation to the Dance that s this dance Next review Pablo Picasso A RetrospectivePrevious library review A Dance to the Music of Time the whole thingNext library review At Lady Molly s4 in the series