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ABSOLUTELY LOVE the characters you fall in love with the world and the struggle immediately Simple design of a fantasy world yet complex in the entanglements You become immersed with the progression of the story, characters, and plot and will immediately grab book two Very underrated and unnoticed series Prepare to fall in love with the characters. This was kind of a fun book, even though I expected it would be dumb as hell The story has the usual tropes of a local farm boy with a destiny, but then there s also a snow lion and demons and fairies and magical water, haha What it does poorly is battle scenes are rushed or boring and the ending isabrupt The only thing I truly hated was that the map in the front of the book is confusing enough that I had to just conjure up my own idea of the map. Epic The first book to a trilogy that immerses you in the world of three realms human, faerie, and demons These realms are separated by watersheds however, now there is a sinister plan afoot to crack the watershed and those begin the realm wars.I read this trilogy starting in the 90 s and it was so good I even brought the entire set My only lament is that the second and third book is not in ebook form yet This book has everything suspense, a regular joe smo hero you can like and many other wonderful supporting characters The author is also great at story telling so definitely a plus. Better than expected, but it s just of the same old 90 s d and d fantasy Nothing really fresh or original. Adventure, magic and a dash of romance fill A Breach in the Watershed from start to finish The Watershed divides the three regions of the world Faerine the region of magic and the water of Aura Dalethica the region of man and regular, non magical water and Duloth Trol the region of the evil Sleepstealer, his Lord Minions, and their life force of Darkblood If the Watershed were ever to be breached, disaster would ensue, a disaster that is the very plan of the Sleepstealer Rudy Appenfell an Iceman from Dalethica is drawn into a whirlwind of destiny A tragedy occurs, leading him on a journey of revenge that will blossom into a grander meaning than he could possibly imagine Niles paints a lovely picture of his three realm world Faerine, Duloth Trol and Dalethica all contrast to such a degree that it brings out a unique quality to the Watershed world While we do not get a very good look at Faerine, there are plenty of hints to make you want to learn about it Duloth Trol is a place just waiting to strike, adding a level of urgency to everything the characters do He nails a flat out evil villain, and adds a level of terror in having the Sleepstealer be an actual figure instead of just some ominous foreboding presence often referred to His world includes all the elements of true fantasy dragons, faeries, humans, magic, adventure, loyalty and the courage to stand against an overwhelming evil Lack of action and adventure is not a problem this book has in the slightest.These elements come with a downside, however, as the sheer quantity of fantasy tropes leads to utter predictability and a lack of depth While all the elements are there, it seems no revision was done to bring the characters from the page into the readers heart Not to say the characters are unlikable Danri the digger, for example He starts off with an endearing gruffness about him as he gripes about every little thing as the Madness overtakes him That many pages of and he continued his mindless digging should not have been as interesting to read as they were But near the end he becomes positive I saw no reason for this transition, so instead of growth it felt like a lack of consistency Overall, the story is a fun one It feels, however, that it was not given the attention such potential deserved, that it was written and turned in without any technical revision that could have led to a deeper story But if you re looking for just a fun, clean fantasy story with all the elements you, as a fantasy reader, have come to know and love, this book should be right up your alley Although I doubt I would read it again, I definitely enjoyed reading it once. 3.5 I enjoyed the story but it is perhaps a little fantasy formulaic It s the first of a three part series so let s see where it goes from here. |Ebook ⚇ A Breach in the Watershed (Watershed Trilogy, Book 1) ☪ Best Books, A Breach In The Watershed Watershed Trilogy, Book 1 Author Douglas Niles This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Breach In The Watershed Watershed Trilogy, Book 1 , Essay By Douglas Niles Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I read these books as a teen and was enthralled by the quick pacing and epic scale of the trilogy Since then, I ve realized that it s a Tolkien knockoff with many women and girls and without the all important quest to destroy an evil object, but otherwise a lot of similarities Still, these are fun books the main characters are likable and they re not all the same old stereotypes the hero s young niece plays a major role, for instance and speaking of the hero, it s nice to read a fantasy where the protagonist is neither the illegitimate child of someone important, nor secretly the heir to a kingdom There s plenty of action and some good epic battles, the romance is sweet and the world is fairly interesting The continent on which the action takes place is divided into three lands human, faerie, and evil determined by what sorts of liquids flow in their rivers Unfortunately, this leads to some bizarre logical errors for instance, when evil minions invade, they dam the rivers to cut off the flow of water That s right, cut it off completely Every dam I ve ever seen has had a river coming out of it, but not so in Niles s world, where it disappears or something Overall, I would say this book works well as light fantasy I don t mean that no one dies, but that it s a good romp that we re not meant to think about too hard I d recommend it for teens and for those looking for fun, simple fantasy books It gets four stars because, although it has its flaws, it was great entertainment and left me with a happy feeling inside. 12 13 Douglas Niles is a great storyteller This first volume of his Watershed trilogy is full of adventure and all the elements of good fantasy prophecy, magic, jealousy, vengeance, a motley crew of unlikely characters who fight evil against overwhelming odds, and of course a bit of romance The author s the inspiration for this book came from his trip to the Alps Seeing the way the watershed separated in the Alps gave him the idea of a watershed that sent three types of water to very different lands creating a human realm, a magic fairy realm, and a darkwater realm of death and decay This trilogy needs to be put in electronic form This was a very good book I have alway liked fantasy books and this book has done a great job creating a world I like all the different aspects the author has put in the book I also enjoy how the author added in the history at varying points so that you could get the context and better understand what is happening.The enviroment and characters that the author made were very, very good I also like the wonderful nonhuman creatures people that he includes in this book and the individual personalities that he gives them.